Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Review on Healthy Fellow Blog

Reading the Healthy Fellow blog, the first thing that I noticed was that the blog attempts to appeal to many different people's needs at once, which is an admirable thing. Topics as far ranging as what to eat to prevent breast cancer, to holistic brain care to eating different foods of different colors to ensure your health are covered in this blog.

You won't find long, rambling articles that aren't interesting. These articles are well written and quick to point out different arguments to help prove their point. In addition to that, each article supplies footnotes and reference points to back up their theories. Moreover, the author also tries the very things that they are writing about. For example, in the entry about Sacha Inchi, a type of South American almonds, the author ate the almonds and then reviewed them. That kind of attentive writing must be valued, especially when eating and living healthy has become so important to so many people. The Healthy Fellow blog is a very worthwhile read for various nutritional information.